Buffalo Jerky

from Gary West Smoked Meats
$8.99 to $34.99


Gary West is the zenith of the genre...everybody who eats meat should have...sooner, the better.


Gary West Hickory-Smoked Buffalo Strips are sweet, delicious and low-fat. These hickory-smoked strips are minimally processed, using no MSG, liquid smoke or artificial flavors. Our buffalo are also raised naturally - no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. These strips won top honors from Outdoor Life Magazine's national review of jerky.

Our jerky is hand-cut from whole inside top rounds, removing all excess fat and trim. The trimmed rounds are cut into slabs, and once tenderized, are cut into long strips. Strips are placed in a vacuum tumbler along with the spices...the natural juice of the meat is all the moisture needed. Each strip is then smoked slowly over hickory chips. Everything is done by hand...there are no shortcuts to a really great smoked buffalo strip.


buffalo, brown sugar, pureed beef, salt, water, black pepper, sodium nitriteNote: We add pureed beef to ensure that the USDA inspects our buffalo process--they only supervise beef production. We puree beef (3% by weight) and add it to the marinade. The jerky strips are removed from the marinade and cooked in the smokehouse. The product you are eating is pure buffalo, and the process is inspected and certified by the USDA.


Our award-winning, hickory-smoked jerky is handcrafted and prized for its delicious flavor, low fat and superior quality.
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